Fame Comes to Lake Shore

Fame the musical is going to be coming to Lake Shore High School’s stage on April 26th through the 28th. The show begins at 7:30pm and there will be a matinee show on Saturday April 28th at 12:30pm.  

Those aspiring to be a part of the cast had to first go through auditions for two days. Throughout the auditions people have to sing 24 bars of two to three songs that they learn on the spot. The students also learn a short dance routine, and do cold reading which is passing out scenes of different characters from the show. They are observed on how they interact with others and how well they read their scenes in different situations. Matthew Smith, choir director, stated, “Anyone that auditioned is in the show, due to the no-cut policy that I have.”

The main roles and the chorus has students ranging from freshmen to seniors.

Legend Morgan, freshman, is going to be playing one of the lead characters Goody. Morgan explained, “I was very excited because we all ran down the hall and then we seen the script on the door and then everybody became excited.”

As many people would correctly assume, there is that added weight and extra pressure put onto someone who obtains that major role in a big game or in this case a musical. Morgan expressed, “There is a lot of expectations. You have to memorize your lines, you have to always be in your character, and you have to write where your character comes from and know how to get into your character.”