Shorians Visit the Anton Art Center For The Performing Arts

English and writing students closed in the week by traveling down to the Macomb Center For The Performing Arts for an immersion in the world of spoken word.

A total of 84 students from our English Department, accompanied by teachers Coleen Tharme, Chelsea Dombrow, and Patrick Akerley were treated to a spoken-word poetry performance at the Macomb Center for Performing Arts.

The poets in question were: Scott Raven, Mason Granger, and Mikumari Caiyhe, who together make up the trio Mayhem Poets. Mixing elements of comedy, hip-hop, improv, and more, the trio travel from location to location; delivering an entertaining mix of poetry, hip-hop, and rhyme at every stop.

Raven, A Jersey native, has always had a natural affinity for prose. Having taken his first steps in the art as a young boy where he would give Shabbat speeches and histrionic-filled haftarah portions in his community. Grangers aims to spread a love of poetry with his work, having an app dedicated to doing so to his name, called SlamFind. Cairhe – the final of the three, is an established educator and actor in addition to being a poet.

And while successful, the performance was short-lived, having lasted only an hour. Makayla Michaels, senior comments, “It was okay, but it felt too short.” Similar feelings lingered with English teacher Coleen Tharme, who added, “It was too short, and I would have liked more variation – something more mature to appeal to the older audience.”

A curtain rose; a curtain fell and the performance was one to be regarded and remembered as it was – agreeable.