Senior Favorites

The Senior Mock Elections are a tradition held by many schools including our own each year. These elections have the senior class choose titles for their classmates such as “quietest” or “most likely to succeed” and other titles of this nature.

This year Lake Shore’s student council decided to mix it up, giving this years Mock Election a theme. Paige Henderson, student council president, spoke on the subject saying, ”This year we decided to create our questions around a Grammy theme.” Henderson continued on this subject saying, “We came up with this theme when students saw that other schools had done this theme before and thought that it would be a good idea also for us to do the same.”

These mock Elections come with some problems though. Henderson said, “In years past the majority of the awards would be awarded to a very small group of people.” To combat that the Henderson said “We set a limit to how many awards one person can claim to two as well as made more awards” There is a total of 60 total awards to be given out on the 21st of February at the ceremony once done the senior class photo will also be taken.