Lake Shore’s Credit Union

In Lake Shore High School, Students and staff are able to use the bank Michigan First Credit Union. In Michigan First Credit Union, six students work in the bank during the course of the school year.

Students and faculty are able to go to the Michigan First Credit Union and deposit money into their accounts for future use. When going into 9th grade, students are able to open accounts and start depositing money. Students will not be able to access their money until their senior year of high school. This is so they can put the money towards college, prom, spring break, etc. This is very helpful for the students and what they can do during their senior year as it takes off some of the pressure.

Six students are able to work in the Michigan First Credit Union bank during the school year. Max Storbeck, a senior at Lake Shore High School, explains what preparations he went through to work at the bank, “There’s a training exercise in the summer, everyone working here had to meet at the main branch which was kind of far away.” Since then, Storbeck has stated that he’s been working at The Michigan First Credit Union bank since, “Beginning of the school year [and] a little bit in the summer, we took a training class.” Storbeck explains what made him want to work at Michigan First Credit Union, “Seemed like a good idea, got [an] opportunity to do something like that. It’s a class too and it’s pretty fun.” Storbeck also went on to explain how it fits in his schedule, “Works good, I have a couple classes that fit right in the middle of my day.” Storbeck goes on to explain, “I have two AP classes that worked around, it works out pretty nice.” For some people it’s nice to be able to work at Michigan First Credit Union. Storbeck says, “It’s pretty easy, it’s fun [because] you just hang out and help.”

Students who work at the Michigan First Credit Union bank are paid for their services Storbeck explains, “You get paid a salary, paid every week. Then it’s also a class. It’s a credit so pretty much an A.” While it sounds awesome, it can get pretty busy according to Storbeck, “Yeah it can get pretty busy, every teacher when they do something, [they] come in here, every foreign exchange student comes in here. A bunch of students have accounts, especially during the lunch hour it can get very busy.” Even with all of that Storbeck wouldn’t mind working at a future bank as he explains, “I would, it’s pretty straight forward.”

Michigan First Credit Union will start accepting Juniors and Seniors next year and are looking forward to future employees. Stop by the Michigan First Credit Union any time during the week from 10:30 a.m-3:30 p.m on Tuesdays through Fridays.