Wrestler of the Week

Wrestling is one of Lake Shore’s many sports, and it has recently created a new and fun tradition involving a WWE style belt. This belt is an award given to players based on their merits throughout the week.

The belt is a red WWE style belt with a chrome plaque that has the words “grappler of the week” and “ Lake Shore Wrestling” along with a Lake Shore logo. Also described by Dylan Mittelstadt, freshman, former wrestling belt holder described the belt as “Kinda the mvp award for the week”.  Mittelstadt elaborated on how one goes about getting this belt.

Mittelstadt states,“This award is earned by working hard throughout out the week at practice.” This belt was earned by Mittelstadt twice and the hard work definitely paid off with him explaining, “I recently came in third at a varsity meet.”

Nicole Lorenz, sophomore, talked about its origins saying, “Our coaches are huge WWE fans and coach Sam Leto paid for the belt out of pocket.” This gives the tradition a goofy yet fun beginning.

This tradition has clearly made a change for the better in the team. This year the wrestling team has a shot of winning districts for the first time since 2004.