Teachers as Dogs

We love our teachers, but don’t get it wrong, teaching is a ruff job. Lake Shore’s teachers are born matches for our favorite furry friends, and what better way to take a break from the dog-eat-dog world of Lake Shore than to imagine our favorite teachers as some of our favorite canine companions?

What better dog to represent Lake Shore’s own Tasha Candela? Long haired dachshunds are upbeat, curious, and charming, and who’s more charming than Mrs. Candela? Both have a positive nature that is clear in anything that they do. These pooches long hair makes this pup a perfect match for Candela.

English Cocker Spaniels are playful and friendly companions. The Cocker Spaniels are also known for their intelligence; that same intelligence mirrors the same kind of quick wit in our own Principle Bross. Who could be a better match to Bross than this playful pup with the same friendly disposition as this Spaniel?

Bulldogs are lovable dogs with a tough skin, and they, not unlike Mr. Coffey, can take a little bit to warm up to. Bulldogs can be a little stubborn, but with time you’ll see that they’re friendly and dependable. With short bristly hair, and a strong personality, Coffey is a bulldog through and through. But don’t worry, these dogs are all bark and no bite. 😉

Labradoodles are cheerful dogs who love the spotlight. These social butterflies are known for being a smart and hardworking pup. If you’re looking to find a Mr. Smith look-alike, look no further. Their curly dark hair and winning grin is a spitting image of our favorite choir director. Labradoodles work hard, but they are also very socially oriented, making this pup a perfect mirror image of Smith.

Border Collies are dogs with attitude. These hard working super-dogs work almost as hard as our favorite teacher/cheer coach/singer/mom, Mrs. Taormina. These pups always want to move, and they need to be challenged. Border Collies couldn’t take a break if they tried, constantly working, thinking, and running around in ways other dogs couldn’t dream of. Collies, not unlike Taormina, are tough cookies with big hearts.

Greyhounds are quiet and intelligent dogs, but those are not the only traits they share with our quiet and intelligent Mr. Spriet. These gentle giants, even with their occasional awkward moments, are mild mannered and calm. Their long spindly legs and perpetually worried expression are perfect matches as well. The similarities are so scary it’s almost as if Mr. Spriet himself was a Greyhound in a former life. (And look, it has a sweater!)

Poodles are loving dogs with big hearts. These faithful pooches love the attention and can wiggle their way into your heart. Mrs. Bednarski is a true poodle. Playful and intelligent, she has a perfect puppy match. All though a poodle certainly couldn’t keep up with Bednarski’s enviable fitness routine, these pups are true athletes who love to run.

Cairn terriers are fearless dogs who live to protect. Like our fearless front desk secretary, Cairn Terriers are assertive dogs with big personalities to match. Like these protective pups, Leslie is a born protector. Regardless of the pooches prowess, no one could guard the front desk like Lake Shore’s own Leslie Houston.

Chihuahuas are a fearless breed with a lively nature, and Mr. Frost certainly has a little Chihuahua in him. These pups are always on the alert and quick to the punch. Chihuahua’s also have quite the personality with a rough exterior paired with their heart of gold. But don’t worry, while these two may look threatening on the outside, both a Chihuahua and Mr. Frost aren’t threatening on the inside too.

English Cream Dachshunds are sweet tempered dogs but stubborn and set in their ways. They like to do things their own way, and have a proud nature. It doesn’t take much time to find that same sweet nature and stubborn streak in English Teacher/ Dog Lover, Ms. Dombrow. Dachshunds are dogs who love the spotlight and spend much of their time entertaining. If an English Cream Dachshund could talk, it would make the exact same jokes as Dombrow, guaranteed.

No further explanation needed.