Super Bowl Predictions

No one ever expected a football team that has not stood out much in the past to make it to the grandest stages of them all in the football world.  

The Philadelphia Eagles have tackled their way to the top and won the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship, and made it to Super Bowl LII for the third time in their existence since 1980 (Super Bowl XV)  and in 2004 (Super Bowl XXXVIII). Their fierce opponents are the American Football Conference (AFC) champions, New England Patriots, who have made it to the Super Bowl ten previous times between 1985-2017.

The football fanatics here at Lake Shore High School have picked sides and put their own input into the football controversy. Evan Koprincz, freshman, explained, “The Eagles will win the Super Bowl because of their o-line and their running back.” Caleb Goodwin, freshman, said, “ I hope that the Eagles win the Super Bowl.” Kyle Salk, sophomore, also stated, “I want the Eagles to win because they are my fave team behind the Lions.”

On the other hand, there are some people who believe that the Patriots will slide by once again and win yet another Super Bowl ring to add to their collection. Bradley Petroff, freshman, sadley expressed, “Even though I don’t want them to, the Patriots are going to win.” Dylan Mittelstadt, freshman, claimed, “ I really want the Eagles to win, but the Patriots will more than likely win.” Sam Shonk, sophomore, expressed, “Patriots are gonna get the dub easily.” Phil Cerrasco, ninth grade English teacher, also explained, “I think that the Patriots will win because of their system and connection. Their leader, starting quarterback Tom Brady, has been to the Superbowl numerous times. Which I think will help them win.”

The faculty and the students have both picked their sides. Now, it is time to see which team will really fight and tackle their way to the top and obtain a new super bowl champion ring.