There’s no one who loves Snowcoming more than our spirited Shorian Nation. This week, students are putting on their silliest spirit wear all leading up to the big event this weekend.

The first day of the week is Pure Michigan day. As students showed their support for their favorite teams and colleges, spirits ran high with anticipation for the weekend event. Shorians attended in droves for their favorite of the rival teams, as supporters from Michigan and Michigan State tossed light-hearted jokes and teased each other in the hallways.

In case the first fun filled day didn’t bump your spirits, Tuesday certainly did. Shorians dressed as their favorite characters from TV, video games, and movies. Students wore colorful wigs and costumes to emulate their favorite characters on Tuesday, as Shorians could be found dressed as superheroes, cartoon characters, and princesses.

Wednesday was a bizarre day at Lake Shore. Students were dressed for every generation with Freshman as babies, Sophomores as teenagers, Juniors as adults, and Seniors as the elderly. Students were filled with spirit while looking at their fellow classmates dressed in a truly peculiar range of outfits. The Sophomores truly found the meaning of the day when every single sophomore came dressed in their spirit wear. It really takes a special class to have every single student looking and dressing like real life teenagers. Most Shorians didn’t let this impressive performance dampen their day however, as they dressed in their own unique generational garb.

Class Color day always brings out the best in our Shorians as the weeks nears to a close. Freshman in their vibrant green blinded hallway-goers with their glowing garments. Lake Shore becomes filled with clashing colors as each grade fights to be the most spirited of the day. The opposing grades were all outshone by Lake Shore’s Seniors. The hallways were flooded with purples ranging from the lightest lilacs to the deepest plums. Seniors dominated the hallways on Thursday with an impressive show of school spirit.

On the last day before Snowcoming, Lake Shore’s hallways were transformed into a sea of red. Every class banded together to overwhelm the hallways with red tutus, bandannas, and shirts. The Shorian Nation pulled through for the final day of spirit week to show their school pride before Snowcoming. As students crowded into the gym for the pep assembly, you could feel the excitement as Shorians screamed for their fellow classmates, and for their grade.

As spirit week drew to a close, Lake Shore dressed to the nines to excite themselves, and their fellow students. The Shorian Nation wore onesies, made costumes, and fought for their favorite teams as they eagerly awaited Snowcoming night.