Snapchat Etiquette

Snapchat is easily the most used app here at Lake Shore. However, with great power comes great responsibility, or so one would think. In this technology rich day and age, there are several courtesies that should be in the back of your mind when you’re using this beloved social media app.

One problem plaguing Snapchat users, is the urge to post a seemingly endless Snapchat story. We can all admit we have fallen into this; however, you can’t help but wonder how someone can post so many Snapchats at one time. If this problem is truly making you question your social media choices, a suggestion would be to un-add the culprit, and/or just simply bypass their story. As a word of advice, no one wants to see your lip singing to the newest Cardi B song at all, much less for over two minutes.

A slight issue with social media is that it can make someone too social. When in a relationship, one would think that the laws of loyalty would go beyond social interactions and also cover social media as well. It is one thing to keep a friendly conversation with someone; however, flirting with someone while you’re in a relationship on Snapchat just because ¨no one will find out¨ is an entirely different thing. Which brings us to the next point.

Screenshotting can either make or break someone’s Snapchat experience. Screenshotting is great, because it allows you to capture a Snapchat before it disappears forever. For example, you can screenshot ugly selfies, conversations, stories, or even that English worksheet that someone sent you. When put into perspective though, you can also do some serious damage with screenshots. Since it notifies the user on who screenshots, this can contribute to some real life confrontations and can be avoided by using common sense.

The last issue is when someone sends you a picture, and you think that it is specifically just to you, but when you scroll over to the stories page, you see the same Snapchat on their story. In this millennial day and age, originality is something that everyone should embrace, so keep that in mind when you’re sending your selfie to the same people who are just going to see it on your story.