School Fights

School fights are never fun. Sometimes the two people fighting aren’t even mad at each other, it’s usually the instigators who start and end the fight. Instigators are sometimes the friends of the person who fights. They’ll say something to their friend about someone else, then that person either hears or was told by one of their friends. The instigator usually plays both sides of the fence. They’ll go back and forth telling the other person about stuff both people said. Then who ends up in trouble for the fight? The instigator? No the two people fighting of course.

Then when the fight starts, sometimes the two people don’t even truly want to fight, but when they see people surrounding them, the pressure gets tense. You don’t want to walk away because you’ll be considered “weak” or “scared” by the people watching. Then people will start recording and the first thing you think is “how am I going to get out of this?” but you can’t really, I mean you could, but would you really want to be considered as the person who backed out of the fight, or the weak scared person? It’s probably not something you want. Then people start yelling “Fight! Fight!” someone pushes you into the other person then you just start to swing.

After the fight is broken up, you two are probably separated, both ready to receive their punishments. The principal asks what happen, you tell him. Then the principal asks the other person, they tell him. He puts two and two together. Usually  school punishments for fighting is suspension. So you two get suspended for a certain amount of days. That doesn’t look good on your record. It might even prevent your chances on getting into a college you want.

The hardest part about a fight is probably when you come back from your suspension. You have to see that person you fought everyday! Then the question is did you win or lose? Either you won, the video is out, and everyone has it and congratulating you, or, you lost and everyone is watching is and making fun of you and laughing. Either way it’s not a good experience. So was it worth it? Probably not.

There are many ways to prevent a fight from happening. Just don’t get involved! Mind your own business, and don’t worry about what you hear. Focus on the positive things not the negative. Keep your head up because at the end of the day people are going to talk no matter what you do, just ignore them and walk away. That shows that your the bigger person and it shows how much that person must love you if they can’t stop running their mouth about you. If you see people posting stuff about you and saying nasty things just block them. And if it doesn’t stop there go to your counselor and talk to them and tell them who’s doing that stuff and let them deal with it.