Jonas Brothers Reunion

While reflecting on the good ol’ days that were their adolescence, many Shorians probably recall the era of the Jonas Brothers. You know, the time from 2007-2010 when every brace-faced preteen had pictures of Nick and Joe Jonas plastered to their walls (sorry Kevin). The time when everything was simpler, Joe still wore his purity ring, and no one knew that Miley Cyrus’ “7 Things I Hate About Youwas about Nick.

The Jonas Brothers have been split up for about five years now, with no intentions of a reunion. However, on January 15, the band of brothers gave fans a glimmer of hope when they reactivated their Instagram account. So, after extensive research and speculation, here’s why The Shoreline believes a reunion is happening.

None of the Jonas Brothers acknowledged it when the news was first trending. Nick was the only one to even reference the fact that they were trending by posting a screenshot of the top trending on Twitter with the caption “Whoa” to his Instagram Story. If the rumors were in fact false, why wouldn’t they immediately deny them?

Later that same day, the After Elvis Show hosts, Elvis Duran, Danielle Monaro, and Bethany Watson, called Kevin to address the rumors during their show. When Duran asked, “Are you guys getting back together or not?” Kevin unconvincingly responded with, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Please, Kevin, after trending for an entire day you’re seriously going to pretend like you don’t know what he’s talking about. Duran then questioned, “But you’re back on Instagram?”, to which Kevin responded with nervous laughter and a “I don’t even know where to start.” Okay, Kevin, we’ll play along with your little game of denial…for now.

Towards the end of the interview, Kevin felt the need to make everyone aware that he was “at the gym.” Now, let’s all be real about this Shorians, why the heck would he be at the gym unless he was preparing for an album cover or photo shoot? I mean, it’s Kevin.

On January 27, Nick was questioned about the potential reunion during an interview with W Magazine. He answered with, “There’s a lot of talk about that. I mean, it is not happening right now. Never say never. I think that there is some great things happening in all of our lives individually still and we are all focusing on that at the moment.”

After all of the aforementioned evidence came to light, one thing is clear: the Jonas Brothers are getting the band back together. While a full on reunion might not be the case, let’s not forget the unfinished album V they recorded and only released four songs from. If they’re not making new music, another possibility is that they’re finally giving JoBros fanatics such as myself what we’ve been waiting five years for: the rest of the recorded music from V.