Here and Gone: Past Trends

Looking back at the top trends over the past few years, it’s pretty amazing to see what crazy things people did. Here are the top 10 trends over the past few years.

No. 10 The Harlem Shake

In 2013, the world was introduced to the song by Baauer called, ¨The Harlem Shake.” Soon people made videos of large groups doing the Harlem Shake once the beat dropped. It’s crazy to think that the students of Lake Shore have participated in this craziness.

No. 9 The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge                          

In 2015, everyone made fun of Kylie Jenner as she had gotten lip injections to fill up her lips causing them to be bigger. So, many people decided to do it at home. First they would insert their lips into a small jar or bottle, and then they would suck out the air creating a vacuum seal which puffs up the lips. As a result, there was pain, laughter, and plain out stupidity. It’s a good thing that died when it did.

No. 8 Chokers

Chokers have been with us forever starting from the late 19th century. But in 2016, they had a break out in fashion and every girl had to have one. There are still chokers today, but not as bad as it was in 2016; it’s slowly dying.

No. 7 Fun Run

Fun Run was a popular game that everyone played. In Fun Run people compete against each other to win a race. Fun Run even came out with Fun Run 2 two years after Fun Run came out. Students at Lake Shore have had to play this fun game along with their friends. But like other games, Fun Run slowly died as new games came onto the app store.

No. 6 Unicorn Theme  

Around April, 2017 the unicorn themed skyrocketed. It all started in 2016 with a Miami food blogger Adeline Waugh. She posted pictures of her unicorn bread on her blog and since then people turned everything into the unicorn themed colors. Nicki Minaj brought the unicorn theme into pop culture. Soon Starbucks decided to make a unicorn frappuccino, which took over the game. People even dyed their hair to a unicorn themed.

No. 5 “What are Those!”

In 2015 this saying took over many students, “What are those!” was a big trend that everyone said. People would roast on your shoes by saying, “What are those!” In a lot of ways it would insult people, but people usually took it as a joke and had a good laugh.

No. 4: Bottle Flipping

In 2016 the world was introduced to bottle flipping. It all started with a viral video of Michael Senatore who was at a school talent show and flipped a bottle. Senatore started bottle flipping a year prior in one of his classes. Bottles of water went up in sales as everyone was bottle flipping. There was phone apps made for bottle flipping. Nowadays bottle flipping is nearly extinct and water sales went back to normal.  

No. 3: Pokémon GO!

In July of 2016, Pokémon GO took over the app store. Pokémon GO is a game that makes you walk around and find avatars to collect. You could battle other players and much more. It was really good for people who needed exercise, instead of a boring walk why not find Pokémon characters? Soon it passed over and everyone moved on to the next trend.

No. 2: Dabbing

In 2015, Dabbing became one of the most known dances to millennials. Everyone did it; sometimes grandmas would also dab. Songs were made because of the dab, one featuring Atlanta hip hop band, Migos, who created the song, “Look at My Dab”.  Plus it was an easy dance to remember, so anyone could rock out to tunes with this dab.

No. 1: Fidget Spinners

In April of 2017, Fidget spinners became one of the top selling toys. They help people relax and focus during tasks. Millennials became obsessed with these toys and made phone apps for it. Soon students brought them into school and they became a distraction for some. But students had the edge when it came to arguing with teachers as they stated that fidget spinners help them study and stay on task like chewing gum. Around June of 2017, these toys died out and they are now sitting in a closest collecting dust.