A major sensation amongst Lake Shore students, the newest battle royale game, Fortnite, is quickly becoming one of the most popular games. A competitive third person shooter, Epic Game’s Fortnite is practically the first of its genre. The battle royale play style involves 100 players pitted against each other until only one remains. Players can team up with their friends, and often do so to catch those tantalizing wins.

Games with such a highly competitive nature tend to attract a lot of players; who doesn’t want to be #1? Available on console (and also PC’s), this game is, most importantly, completely free to play. The game starts with every play dropping on the map from a “plane” (really, its a flying bus), across a map a few kilometers across. Scattered across the terrain are a number of cities, each with their own loot to be discovered. Among the items discovered are guns, ammo, consumables; you name it. With a large array of weaponry from shotguns, to pistols, to sniper rifles, with consumables to heal or protect you, suiting for any fight isn’t too difficult. What is difficult, however, may be the sheer number of players dropping near you. That is when the first battle begins. Another major playing point of the game is the zone; constantly moving in and getting smaller, the play zone is limited to a circle of diminishing size, with a damage penalty outside of it. It gets continually smaller, until the game is over. Lastly, the third major point of play is the building; unique to this game is the construction mechanic. Players are able to build walls, stairs, and doors into massive combinations of epic forts and towering structures.

The game is taking traction at Lake Shore, with a number of people taking it up to get those wins. A lot of students enjoy playing with squads, as they can team up with up to three of their friends for intense multi-combat. “I like to get on and play with the boys,” says Michael Alford, junior. As the game goes on, with less people and better loot, the game gets slower and more intense. “The first win is really exciting. The rest after are sort of eh,” says Thomas Horne, freshman. Sean Csernyant, freshman, says “[the first win] felt great.” Some class mates aren’t exactly excited for it, however. Logan Duvall, junior, says “Isn’t that game just like Minecraft?” In some ways, yes.

Fortnite is growing in popularity across the school. With most trends, it might die, or it might grow bigger. One thing’s for certain; our Shorian players are always going to be going for the dub.