Course Exploration: Senior Leadership

Lake Shore’s Senior Leadership Class brings students a unique opportunity to not only interact with, but help those within their school.

Taught by Colleen Johnston and Todd Carney, the class aims to teach students how to help those with disabilities. Within the class itself, teaching is split in two. On Johnston’s side of things, learning is done with a more hands-on approach. Whilst on Carney’s, things are a bit more linguistic. Madisyn Wilson, a senior currently enrolled in the class, comments that the two have similar but distinct teaching styles. Adding that, “Mrs. Johnston’s more hands on and stuff, and we get up and interact more.” In Mr. Carney’s class it’s more like he’ll have powerpoints and worksheets, it’s more linguistic.”

As cited by Wilson, “We learn about how everyone’s different but you shouldn’t have to judge them by how they act.” And in doing so, students learn to act without prejudice.

Due to the often smaller student count in the classes, students more easily create bonds and friendships that they may have not otherwise. Adding that, “interacting with each of the students is my favorite aspect.” “They [the students] grow really attached to you, and ask where you’ve been, if they can see you later, and they’ll get sad when you’re not there,” says Wilson. “They’ll probably be really sad at the end of the year I feel like, cause they get so attached, I mean. We’re like really close they call us like their friends some of them are like you want to go to dinner.”

In the class, Shorians can look forward to an enriching learning experience, and in the words of Wilson, “take the class.”