Here in the auto capital of the world, one of the world’s largest and most prominent auto shows is on display for two weeks. Starting January 13th and running until the 28th, cars from around the world make an appearance at this massive event. Taking place in Cobo Center downtown, it’s sure to bring car lovers from across the world to our city. On January 22nd, Lake Shores mechanical engineering and CAD classes took a field trip to the event.

Since the 19th century, Detroit has been practically the automobile capital of the world, with the world’s first originating here. Since then, companies across the world have come about, from Europe to Asia. Amongst these brands are some very prestigious and luxurious ones; such as the Italian Ferrari, or the Japanese Lexus. All sorts of these vehicles made an appearance at this week’s event. Primarily, a lot of the best American made cars are on display. These classes, dealing with a lot of new technology, took great interest. Many of the students especially take interest in automobiles.

In addition to the global scale of brands showing off their cars, most of the best cars on display are incredibly new, usually next year’s models. A once a year opportunity, our hometown auto show puts on quite the performance.