Teachers Receive Compensation for Unjust Taking of Funds

In 2010, it was ruled that 3 percent is taken out of teachers checks for their retirement health care. Between 2010 and 2013, $550 million dollars has been collected and put into a account.

After a battle that lasted more than 7 years, teachers are finally heard.

Before appearing in front of the Michigan Supreme Court, this case has been through multiple courts.

Unknown attorneys pursued throughout the case have cost the state around $196,082  (From a MLive investigation earlier this year.)

Governor Rick Snyder remarks, “This law dates back to 2010, and I am pleased that taxpayers will have resolution. The funding has been held in escrow, so Michigan will continue to have a balanced budget. We will not need to raise new revenue or remove funding from other priorities to refund the money that was collected for retirement health care,”

About 275,000 current and former school employees may be eligible to receive share in the money now held in escrow.

It is now clear when the checks will be refunded, but it said to be during 2018.

“Today, educators took back the pay that was rightfully theirs and we applaud them for sticking it out for so long and standing up for their rights. The Snyder administration wasted time and resources trying to take money away from teachers and Bill Schuette backed the efforts until the case was on death’s doorstep at the Supreme Court. This case is another example of how at the highest level of Republican leadership in this state there is an assault on public education.”  Exclaimed Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan.

Dawn Blaskowski, Lake Shores geometry teacher,  remarks “I’m really excited that i’m getting money coming to me soon.”

After a long fight, justice is finally received.