Water Fountains

Among a citizen’s natural rights are life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. But what about drinking water? Should it not be the right of every man, woman, and child to have access to clean water? Our school does in fact have numerous water fountains, but nearly none are in operation.

Water fountains can be found across the school, including the gymnasiums, but nearly none of them are functioning. Only the water fountains in the commons area, and one located near the main staircase remain functional. However, water bottles can be purchased from vending machines and the lunch lines. Teachers have access to not a water fountain, but a cooler, in the teachers lounge. Although students would have to search far and wide for a water fountain, bottles of water can be purchased from the vending machines around the building. Shouldn’t the water be more readily available?

In addition, these vending machines are hardly ever in working order. Students looking for a bottle of refreshment are constantly disappointed, and the needs of the dehydrated are not easily met. Is the only solution to Lake Shore’s drought to bring your own water? Some students have taken notice. Michael Alford, junior, has voiced his concerns over the unusable vending machines, “I’m unable to get refreshments, none of the vending machines work.” For other students, it doesn’t affect them as much. “I don’t really notice, I bring my own water,” says Evan Tarian, senior.

Health teacher Steven Gaffigan believes that access to cool, clean water should be available to all students and teachers. “There should be refill stations, around the school,” says Gaffigan. This would allow students to fill their water bottles easily, and more importantly get to class on time. Having to go halfway around the building to refill a bottle of water can take away from class time or result in a tardy. “It’s unfair to students,” says Gaffigan.