Top Five Netflix Shows

Netflix is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite source of entertainment. From TV shows to critically acclaimed movies, it’s hard to know where to start. These five shows are sure to bring Netflix and chill to another level.

  • Stranger Things- This 80’s inspired show has captured the hearts and minds of inner sci-fi lovers worldwide. When Will Byers goes missing, the town of Hawkins, Indiana is turned upside down. With two seasons under its belt, the third season’s release date is still to be determined.


  • The Punisher- Frank Castle, also known as the The Punisher, has gotten revenge for the death of his family. However, he must now continue his vigilante justice to put an end to new conspiracies.


  • Atypical- This Netflix original follows Sam, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum, and his quest to find love. Sam must learn to be more independent with his condition, which sends his family, including his overbearing mom, on an adventure of their own.


  • Master of None- Based on actor, Aziz Ansari, who also played in Parks and Recreation as Tom Haverford. This show is based on Ansari’s real life experiences. Master of None showcases Dev, a conflicted actor who is unsure of what he wants.


  • Fuller House- This Netflix spinoff of the beloved sitcom “Full House”, is based around the now grown up Tanner sisters’ dysfunctional lives, living back in their childhood home. DJ tanner, who is now widowed, lives with her sister Stephanie, and lifelong friend Kimmy Gibbler.