Thor’s Day

Do the students of Lake Shore High School know what Thor’s Day is? Well, it’s the reason why Lake Shore has snow days according to English teacher, Patrick Akerley.

Akerley has been a teacher at Lake Shore High School for 16 years going on to his 17th year, and teaches: Intro to Drama, 10th grade literature, and Short Story. Beyond the classroom, however, he also can predict the weather.

Akerley explains, “Thor’s Day is a snow day ritual that came out of the fact that a few years back Lake Shore hadn’t had a snow day in about 4 years.The senior class that year were depressed about not having a snow day, according to Akerley, “Well the whole idea was that the senior class that year felt like that they were gonna be the first senior class to never have a snow day and I told them that the were being crybabies; to get over it.” Around 2008, Akerley discovered the Thor’s day theory while teaching one of his classes, “It was a Greek Myth class I had, and they were complaining about it when we were studying (some time doing some comparative myths). One of them was some Norse Mythology and in that book I had, there was this little blurb about Thor. Someone asked me, ‘Hey is Thor in there, in that book?’ And there was one little blurb about him and the frost giants, and we read it and I said ´Hey Thor can control snow, so why aren’t we asking Thor for a snow day?’.”

After the class posed the question, Akerley and his class came up with a ritual to practice Thor’s Day.  Akerley exclaims, “Well how do you ask Thor for a snow day? Well we have to wake him up. How do we wake him up? We play a song for him. What song do we play for him? “Thunderstruck”, he’s the god of thunder,” “Thunderstruck” is a song made by the beloved band ACDC. In the song the band talks about a man who can control thunder as he tries to live a normal life. Akerley continues, “I got everybody excited. Then people started bringing the Thor hammer in, the slurpee cups, and the Pez dispensers, and we starting putting out this little Thor shrine on Thor’s Day, Thursday.” By doing this, Thor cherishes the acknowledgement of how much he is loved. Akerley explains how Thor can give us snow days when we celebrate Thor’s Day, “The idea for mythology is that Thor had banished the frost giants to the underworld, because of that he could utilize them for whatever he wanted to utilize them for, which is to give recreation for the humans that Thor loved, so therefore we came up with the kinda fun idea if we could ask Thor if he does truly exist to do something for the humans that he truly loves we can ask him for a snow day because he manages the frost giants.”

When it comes to predicting snow days, Akerley explains how he knows which days to predict. Akerley states, “Well to be honest I pay attention to all the weather maps, Farmer’s Almanac, and now we have the convenience of phone apps that there are people who are predicting for us now. So based on all that and those can still be wrong, I kinda look at those weather maps and things and I look out and say when will be the most likely when can have one.” Now, Akerley isn’t necessarily always right when it comes predictions. Akerley explains, “I say in the past starting since the first time we did it I say about 85% to 90% accurate.” While discussing any upcoming predictions, Akerley says “So I don’t have one currently, but I know we are gonna have more because i predicted that we would have 5 this year and we had only 1.”

The students may think Akerley is crazy, but he’s used to it as he explains what reactions he receives, “They look at you like your crazy, they look at you like your immature, they look at you like your being a child and all these other things, you’re wasting their time. The fun part of it is when you’re accurate and you predict it and it happens, they believe.”

Now that the students and staff know what Thor’s Day is, and how it’s celebrated, be sure to give a thought to Thor every Thor’ Day (Thursday). The next time Lake Shore has a snow day,  just give a thanks to Patrick Akerley as he may be the reason behind it.