The New Face Making Rounds At Lake Shore: Diane Currier

In light of Dr. Lip’s departure, you may have noticed a new face making rounds in the counselling department, Lake Shore welcomes, Diane Currier.

In late 2017, educator, Currier heard word of a counseling position that’d opened up in the Lake Shore district. Already interested in the job, and in part due to the words of longtime friend and fellow educator Renee Faine, Currier eventually decided to move forward and pursue the position. The rest is well, enough said. Since joining, Currier has been going to all measures to ensure she learns all the tips and tricks of the job, adding that, “I’m learning a lot everyday, from the teachers, from the staff, sometimes I’m learning things from the students!” Not faltering when presented with something unfamiliar, Currier does well to ask questions when necessary, remarking, “I have to learn all the teachers, credit for graduation, early college, building procedures I’m sure I’m driving the staff crazy with all my questions.”

But prior to paving her way at Lake Shore, Currier, was first a student. And among her many studies, teaching had always been something she had a natural fondness towards. Citing that, “I’ve known since childhood, I used to play school with the kids in the neighborhood. I’d play teacher to the younger ones. I’ve just always wanted to work with kids.” In her later years, Currier pursued language arts and history degrees as well as a k-8 teaching degree from Michigan State University. In the years that ensued, she earned a masters in reading from Oakland University. Compensation arrived only years later when she received her first teaching position at a middle school in the EastPointe district. Her first years elapsed at the forefront of the classroom as a teacher, and later in the more personal role of a counselor. She remained at the school for 13 years before eventually deciding to embark on something new.

In her personal life, Currier indulges in being active, although no longer to the level which she did in her youth adding that, “my kids, they keep me busy.” Namely, her two children, a son now aged 22 and pursuing an education of his own at Western, and a daughter aged 19. In her leisure, Currier enjoys the likes of boating, jet skiing, volleyball – a self described outdoors enthusiast.

With workers as dedicated as this, we can look forward to another successful year; Shorians aged 13-14 can look forward to a dedicated, diligent counselor.