Robotics Season

Robotics is an after-school activity for students on their free time. Robotics can be fun and challenging at times.

Kevin Dombrowski, a senior, says, “The hardest struggle is designing the robot and trying to get the team to agree on a design.”

All the material for robotics is provided by the FRC (First Robotics Competition), the tournament organizer, and funded by various grants from the state and school. All the students are completely self taught on everything. Dombrowski says, “We build everything to the best of our ability but do to the nature of the competition somethings do break but for the most part the robot will work after the season.”

Each year the event changes for what the robot is designed to do. This year, the robot is being designed to move crates around the field.

The robots are not in human form due to size restrictions. Dombrowski described the robot as “a box with wheels and an arm.” When they’re done building the robots, they are left here at Lake Shore and will be re purposed in the future for other things. They make their inventions for their competitions that are held by other high schools which are organized by the FRC. They don’t have any upcoming events, however, they do know that there will be at least two that are going to happen. The robotics team does not get money for making these robots, instead they get the enjoyment of making them and the fun experience.