Welcome back Shorians to another edition of The Shoreline’s Horoscope. If you’re interested in what 2018 has in store for you, then you’ve come to the right place.


2018 is going to be a year of change for you, Aquarius! Your progressive heart will encourage you to embrace these incoming changes. Just make sure to put your uncompromising ways on the backburner for a little bit, as not everything will go as you want it to. In mid-May, Mars will be moving into your sign, meaning that you will be affected by this for the rest of the year. Stress levels will be on the rise during this period, especially in mid-May, end of July, and mid-September. Do your best to remain calm and fight off your temperamental interior during these times.


2018 will be your year, Pisces! You will have an air of confidence around you year-round, with regards to how your life is going. Your usual desires to escape reality will no longer be your top priority, as your wise and intuitive side will be taking over this year, making you much more realistic. This will help you achieve all of your goals. Your new confidence levels will inspire your creativity, bringing about many new artistic projects as the year progresses.


New friends and places will be entering throughout 2018, Aries. Whatever you do, don’t let your moody and short-tempered ways scare them off. Uranus has been in your sign for the past two years, causing you to focus more on your looks. However, on May 15, Uranus will be moving into Taurus, causing your focus to be shifted to financial purposes. So, if you’ve been debating getting that job, utilize your impulsivity and take it!


You are in for a great year, Taurus! Your reliable and patient ways have finally paid off, and for the next 12 months, you are going to feel very in control of your life. With Uranus in your first solar house, 2018 will be nothing less than exciting. You’re known for your devotion, and that could come into play this year, as a possible love interest could be coming your way. Creativity is your middle name this year, just make sure not to let your stubbornness get in the way of fulfilling your creative endeavors.


Throughout 2018, you’ll find yourself being more outgoing than you’re used to. Your conversational skills will help with your educational and work related success. However, problems in the workplace are predicted, and you will have to enhance your creativity skills in order to solve these problems. People close to you may start to seem secretive and self-absorbed, but try not to take it too personally. Instead, try to use your gentle and affectionate nature and confront them on the issue – you’ll find that honesty is the key to all relationships.


The end of 2018 will bring you many new relationships in your life. Don’t let your moody and insecure ways prevent these relationships from forming – new people in your life could do you some good. This year will bring you a new sense of responsibility and commitment, making the next 12 months a prime time for big decision making. These decisions do have the possibility to bring on a little existentialism, so just make sure to keep your priorities in check, and all of your decisions should go smoothly.


You are in for a year of personal changes and growth, Leo! Unfortunately, your stress levels may be on the rise, simultaneously however, your confidence levels will be increasing as well. As long as you manage to keep these forces balanced, your year should go pretty smoothly. In mid-spring, new professional endeavors could prove to benefit you financially. In September, be prepared to have a person leave your life, and another enter. Whatever you do, Leo, don’t allow your arrogant and self-centered persona intrude on this newfound relationship.


2018 is all about new beginnings for you, Virgo. If you have any big plans or intentions, get started on them early, as they will end up taking a lot longer than expected. Just keep your hard-working mind on your goals, and you’ll be sure to get it all done in time. You are predicted to get into some altercations with your siblings, so just remain calm and bask in the glory of knowing that following the altercation, they will be giving you extra support.


2018 will put you into some situations that will make you extra vulnerable, Libra. You are destined to face some of your fears, and through those trials discover some hidden talents. Venus is exuding energy in your love life Libra, so utilize those amazing social skills and meet new people! Due to Uranus moving into Taurus, May 15 through November 5 will be a time of great change for you.


2018 begins similar to how 2017 ended – with Jupiter in your sign. Jupiter has brought you much fortune over the past three months, and is not set to leave for another nine months (and won’t be returning for another 12 years!). The end of spring will bring major changes in a relationship, and will force you to question all things that make you feel secure. Just be brave and know that everything will turn out okay, as November marks both Venus and Jupiter being near your Sun, bringing much fortune your way.


The end of 2018 is set to bring you many opportunities, Sagittarius, with Jupiter moving into your sign in October. You are set to see improvements in both your personal health and relationships. Towards late December, you will be inclined to better your spending habits, and become more practical with financial endeavors. You are also destined to be in a better place this year regarding health and fitness.


Many factors will be in your favor this year, Capricorn! They will unveil themselves slowly throughout the year, starting with new beginnings involving family and relationships. Unfortunately, Saturn will be entering your sign, and may leave you feeling a bit down. Don’t let your deep-rooted pessimism allow for a wave of depression to hit. Instead, try and let your responsible and disciplined self remind you of your goals and where you’d like to be in the near future. This will help keep your mind off of Saturn being a total buzzkill. The good news: Saturn won’t be crashing back into your life for another 29 years.