Freshman on Varsity

Many will play on a sports team for their respective high school. Less will play for the varsity, and a rare few will play for the varsity team their freshman year. This leaves much to wonder about such a rare experience.

Brendan Colley, currently a freshman, played on the varsity football team last season. Colley said “I have been playing football since third grade.” Making him no stranger to the game.

Colley spoke on the matter of making the team saying, “I was on the varsity team right off the bat. Making varsity did not even cross my mind as a possibility. I came to the summer camps and lift sessions expecting to play on the freshman [SIC] team. Then, at one of the summer camps, a varsity coach told me to come work with the older guys. After the camps and 7 v 7’s were over, the head coach told me I had made the team.”

Colley noted that there was a physical disparity in a statement which said, “There was definitely a physical difference between my teammates and myself. I am blessed with height, being one of the tallest on the team at about 6’3. Yet I am not very heavy set at all. I was not as strong as the majority of my teammates and opponents. This set me back a few times, but the work I put in allowed me to overcome this.”

Experiencing a different level of play was also a notable thing with Colley stating, “I was able to pick up on the new level of football very quickly. I had to learn a whole new playbook and new coaches. Yet over the course of the season, I was able to pick up on all of this and have a successful year playing with all the older guys.”

Play time was not an issue for Colley he said, “I was on the starting lineup on offense, kickoff, kick return, punt, punt return, and extra point. I was on the field for most of the game except for defense.” essentially leaving him on the field the entire game.

This experience also left Colley with a new outlook on the game explaining, “Going straight from middle school football to high school varsity football was a big leap. It made me realize to not expect anything to just be given to me. I learned football was no longer just a game, but rather taught the morals needed in life.”

Kara Wolfbauer, currently a junior, said she was a “7 year veteran” to the game of softball before playing for the Lake Shore Varsity Softball team her freshman year.

Wolfbauer started by saying,”It made me love the sport even more. I always enjoyed it, but it made the love grow knowing all my hard work had paid off over the years.”

When faced with the topic of the jumping levels of play Wolfbauer stated, “I just remembered that it’s the same game I always loved playing and to not worry about what level I will now be playing at.”

Wolfbauer explained that there wasn’t a huge physical disparity saying, “everyone was only taller than me”, which for the game of softball isn’t a huge problem.

Wolfbauer elaborated on how she made the team saying, “I tried out for varsity” and also saying, “all the preparation for the tryout comes from the years of experience and hard work before”.

Brendan Colley’s and Kara Wolfbauer’s experience are shared by few, and are unique in their own regards.