Artist Spotlight: Alayna Current

Current junior and fellow Shorian, Alayna Current, is an actively practicing digital and traditional artist. Her work has received recognition from the likes of school as well as the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. In here, we’ll explore the artist’s artwork, and more importantly, familiarize ourselves with the artist beyond the work they present.

Looking at Current’s artwork, it’s unspoken that for her age, she possess great skill. Remarking that her enchantment with the subject dates back as early as childhood, “I’ve been making art for as long as I could really remember although I started digital media when I was in fifth grade,” adding that, “My preferred mediums are, color pencils, ink, and watercolor.”

Art is of course not void of reason, and while not entirely certain of what she means to convey currently, Current nonetheless makes a goal of ensuring her art expresses something. In her own words, “The first piece, Luster, was a water colored piece. The reasoning behind it was although you may shine, it can be toxic, which was why I named it Luster. She’s passed out and is in a sleep-induced state due to shiny gas-like substance coming from her mouth.”

Current expands on the digital piece citing that, “The second piece is a digital piece where I practiced my anatomy and poses. I used it as a way to create a character. It’s supposed to be as if she’s getting ready to go on a run or to go to a gym or perhaps play a type of sport. I tend to draw inspiration from myths, and mythical creatures. I also like to base my character design behind Japanese folklore. I would describe my art style as fantasy, perhaps even mystical.”

Alike all artists before her, Current has many influences to her name. Namely her sister, remarking that, “My sister is my main influence because I looked up to her ever since I was young. She was the one who really inspired me to draw and make art. She impacted my art style, and themes in art. We tend to like the same things resulting in similar concepts when we talk about what kind of pieces to make when we’re stuck in a rut.” Maintaining that while they may have similar techniques, her style is still her own, “A lot of my pieces in color pencil look close to her style coloring wise. But my digital style is a completely different story. My digital style is derived from many other artists online, along with my own techniques that I came up with throughout the years.”

Current is of course still young, and the years to come may only bring forth further progress, both artistically as well as on an individual level. As for her artwork, Current looks forward to change, commenting, “I really don’t have a message with my artwork yet. If anything I would just want to prove that people aren’t born with art skills, it takes along time to build up skills and techniques, and I’d like to say that my art conveys it through my progress.” As for how she plans to take on the coming years, Current holds the philosophy to ‘See till the end.’ Further expanding on the thought by adding, “Although you may not like something at first or you think the piece looks bad in the beginning, it may surprise you in the end.”