The Curtains Rise on The Crucible

After having spent the bulk of the fall months in practice, the Lake Shore Drama Club took the spotlight; the school’s finest proudly presented The Crucible.

Performances took place November 16th, 17th, and 18th. With shirts and hoodies being sold at the entrance, in addition to a $5 entrance fee. The play brought the return of well known Shorian faces, with the likes of Alex Salerno, Julia Munger, and Brandon Messina making a return to the stage.

The Crucible tells the story of Salem Massachusetts, a Puritan town, during the Salem Witch Trials. Reverend Parris, played by Jonathan Puma, discovers daughter Betty, played by Haley Puma, and other local girls dancing in the forest. Thereafter, the girls fall ill, and rumors of witchcraft begin to flourish. What ensues is an affinity for power and control. The play exemplifies the dynamic of power established at the time based upon religious influence, and gender. With the church holding highest authority, then men, and finally women who held little to no influence. The girls realize that in their accusations they come to acquire not only attention – but authority, definitively flipping the previously established power dynamic on it’s head.

The play provides an excellent opportunity for students left with a sour taste from the book, an opportunity for a change of heart. As well as to catch up on what they may have missed during class, or mixture of both. The cast remained true to the 1953 Arthur Miller classic.

The theatrical rendition, supplemented by an eerie and otherwise ghostly set, fully expressed the mayhem of the situation. The cast comprised of 33 students, with key performers: Alex Salerno portraying John Proctor, Katie Steeves portraying Elizabeth Proctor, Julia Munger as Abigail Williams, Brandon Messina as Reverend Hale, Jonathan Puma as Reverend Parris, and Joy Pearson as Tituba.

Salerno, expressed the despair and distress of man, in his performance as John Proctor. Further intensified by the harrowing screams of Munger, as well as the sympathy evoked by Puma. The closing scene marked a poignant moment, with the hanging of John Proctor, evoking in viewers a spur of conflicting emotions.The pieces came to form under the theatre light, making for a truly masterful delivery.

It can be said with certainty, that this performance is to be held among the most impressive of Lake Shore. If you missed this Thursday’s performance, be sure to tune in at 7:00 pm Friday, or Saturday.