Bowling Season Rolls In

As the fall season continues here at Lake Shore, the bowling team is back to doing what they do best; throwing strikes and taking names. Lake Shore’s varsity team has moved up a division this year; last year being placed in division two, this season they will face tough competition from the top division. This year’s bowling season begins in early December at the L’anse Creuse Single tournament. Tryouts for the team took place on November 13th and 15th.

This year’s prospective bowling season is getting kicked off on December 3rd, the team’s first tournament. The Varsity team is more prepared for the competition this year, with more practice under their belts. Tyler Knight, senior and member of the Varsity team, says, “Last year’s season was okay, this year we’ll do better. We’re more experienced.” The bowlers showed their skills at the tryout sessions on the 13th and 15th. Despite being against the top dogs, the team is prospective for the season. David Ludwick, junior and Varsity bowler, says, “We have some new talent, hopefully division one will be good to us.” The boys Varsity team particularly has some of the most seasoned and motivated bowlers we’ve seen in two years. Robert Tedeschi, Lake Shore alumni and former Varsity bowler, commented on the new season saying, “They’ll have to work hard to be successful because they’re in division one; they will take on some difficult opponents.”