Shorian Girls Basketball Season Starts

Lake Shore’s Girls Basketball teams were put together after tryouts that were held last week. Lake Shore’s girls stayed after school and worked hard to earn their spot on the team. These dedicated individuals are giving their time, and their, effort to start their season strong.

A few members of the team shared their opinions on what they felt about the upcoming season. Students Natalie May, Freshman and Ellise Fries, Sophomore had a few words to say. May begins to tell us her experience by saying “Trying out for basketball was really fun. I met new people who are now my friends.” Fries says,”It was a lot of fun, I liked some of the drill that we did, they were fun but challenging and I learned a lot.” Mia Butler, Freshman also shared her opinion on the season by saying, “ i think with a lot of practice and hardwork we will have a good season.” All three of these amazing Shorians have unique ways of looking at the upcoming season.

May and Fries gave some background on why they chose to try out for the basketball team. May began by saying, “I tried out for basketball because it’s my favorite sport, and I played for some years now. I also wanted to make new friends.” Fries says “I have played the sport for a couple of years now, and even though it’s not my favorite sport, it is still fun learning new things.” Butler adds, “ I tried out for basketball because I was interested in the sport and it seemed really fun to be a part of the team.”

May and Fries also added their opinion on ways the teams could improve on throughout the season. May began by saying, “I think we all need to work on our handling. When we were going over the drills it seemed like a lot of us were struggling.” Compared to Fries, on the junior varsity team, who said “Dribbling the ball with my right hand/right-handed layups.” Butler says “I think everyone needs to work on ball handling because a lot of us were having trouble doing ball handling drills.”

These two speedy shorians also shared their opinion on what they see as something good about team this season. Fries stated,”That’s kind of hard to say because we only had like three practices, but I have played with most of these girls for 2-3 years now so it’s really cool to see how far we have come since 7th grade.” May being a Freshmen had a different opinion, May says, “One of the best things about the basketball team is how nice our coach is, and how every girl is nice to one another and supports each other.”

With the help of their coaches, these girls will conquer and never feel as if they will not be able to beat their competitors. A few members of the team shared their opinion on this years season. May adds by saying, “I think we will have a good season, everyone on the team is supportive of each other and everyone is so nice. Even if we lose some games it’ll be okay.” Although May feels it will be a good season Fries feels “Anything is better than last season.” Butler also shared her opinion on the season by saying, “Yes, i think with a lot of practice and hardwork we will have a good season.”

Butler is a freshmen on the freshmen team just as May, these dedicated freshmen are setting the stage for the next generation of Lake Shore girls.

As both coach Coach Sid (freshman) and Coach Gwozdz(junior varsity) help these fierce and devoted individuals are ready to start the season strong. Don’t think that their are not playing around. Their relationship is stronger than ever before and they only smile and defeat their competitors. Don’t be mistaken by their smiles these shorians are ready for anything.