Girl’s Intro to Reno vs Intro to Reno

Lake Shore High School offers two separate classes: Intro to Renovation and Girl’s Intro to Renovation, but what’s the difference?

Chris Mazzola teaches both classes, his first hour being Into to Reno and second hour is Girl’s Intro to Reno. The students in both classes practice doing the same things and are taught the same techniques. Some people might think there isn’t a point to having two separate classes for the same course, but in reality having a separate class for girls to join makes all the difference.

When asked about the benefits of having a class just for girls Mazzola said, “Before 2 out of 25 of the class would be girls, now I have 20+ girls in the class for all three trimesters.” The atmosphere of the girl’s class is a very fun learning environment. Everyone helps one another out and there are a lot of laughs in between getting work done. Mazzola described his first hour as having a lot more issues than second hour and goofing off. Imagine what would happen if the two classes were combined. Girls could easily be more intimidated and nervous to join, and the amount of girls who choose the class would quickly drop.

Meghan Hermes, freshman, says that she really likes having a separate class for girls. She said, “I think that a few benefits of having a girls only class is that there are less distractions for both genders, another is that some guys are more discriminatory than others. Having girls in a boys class would create trouble.” Lake Shore High School is one of the few high schools in the state to have an intro to renovation class just for girls. Having the option of the class creates a really great opportunity for girls to obtain skills they can use for the future in a fun, judgement free environment!