Future Shorians

As Lake Shore crawls closer to its second trimester, new additions to the Lake Shore family are still being added. However, this time around we aren’t talking about therapy dogs, and new classrooms.There are several staff members who are expecting babies in the coming months.

Frau Carollo

Lauren Carollo is one of Lake Shore´s beloved German teachers. Carollo is expecting her first child on February 18th. Carollo exclaims she is nervous about the amount of sleep she is going to lose, however, she voices, ¨This is the first child, so I’m pretty excited to see what motherhood is all about but also feeling pretty unprepared, but I have three months to figure it out or at least attempt to figure it out.¨ The gender of her baby is unknown yet, however, she states, ¨We are not finding out the gender until the baby comes, I have nothing to compare it to since this is my first pregnancy so no idea if it is a girl or a boy, although I keep using masculine pronouns, so maybe that is my subconscious telling me something, or calling the baby ‘he’ sounds better than ‘it’.” As for names she voices, “My husband wants another Robert if it is a boy, and for a girl – right now the frontrunner is Julia.”

Mrs. Bross

Lake Shore´s principal Janelle Bross is expecting a baby girl on December 21, 2017. This is her second child. Bross states,¨ My son is only 19 months old, but he LOVES babies. He has a baby doll that he feeds and gives hugs to. He kisses my belly and says, “baby!”, so I think he’s excited. Let’s hope he stays excited once he realizes she’s a permanent addition to the family!¨

She voices, “I feel the same amount of excitement as I did with our first. I feel the same amount of anxiety but for different reasons this time. I’m not concerned about the fragility of the baby or the lack of sleep at first because I’ve lived through it before. I’m more worried about how our family dynamic will change and how to distribute my time amongst my two precious kiddos.¨ Bross is most nervous about one simple question, ¨Will I be able to raise her to be a strong, empowered female?¨ She is most excited about, ¨Meeting her and seeing what kind of woman she grows up to be. And seeing how my son, Sam, acts as a big brother.¨