PD K9’s Nose Through the Halls of Lake Shore

On Wednesday afternoon, St. Clair Shores Police Department officers payed a visit to Lake Shore High School. The officers were accompanied by four K-9 dogs in order to complete a drug search of the school.

The search took place in the midst of fourth hour and A lunch. Principal Janelle Bross announced over the PA system that there was an internal lockdown without threat. Staff and students were asked to stay in classrooms until the search was over. Since the search was being conducted during lunch time, students in A lunch were asked to stay in the cafeteria longer than usual in order for the search to be done properly. Due to this, the time schedule for the rest of the early release day was slightly altered.

The following day, Lake Shore High School made a Facebook post regarding the reason why the SCSPD and K-9 units were at Lake Shore. The school had been notified months in advance, but the specific day was not planned. It was simply a training exercise for the furry-friends. Principal Bross said, “The dogs got the experience of working in a school environment and the school got to ensure that our lockers were free of drugs and illegal substances. They will often train in schools and other public buildings.” Although there were a few comments below the post regarding rumors about what was found, Lake Shore’s social media accounts proudly expressed, “We are excited to report that there was nothing illegal found in the building. Our students are the best.”