Winter Guard Season

Winter guard may not be the most well known sport, but it’s certainly spectacular! Their new 2017-18 team has recently been assembled.

For those who may not know, winter guard is dancing and performing, while spinning flags, rifles, and/or sabers. Color guard and winter guard seem like they may be pretty similar; however, there are a few differences. Color guard performs outside, usually on a football field, which they enact with live music. Winter guard typically performs inside to recorded music. Their season takes place for just under six months, November through April. “Aria independent specifically practices for almost 12 hours every Saturday so it’s a huge commitment,” said Kay Sumner, a former member of winter guard.

Winter Guard International (WGI) and Michigan Color Guard Circuit (MCGC) are the two main circuits they compete in, and competitions start in March. Competitions are judged by a panel of four judges and each one usually lasts all day. According to Sumner, MCGC competitions are easier to get through because they don’t give out awards, but WGI competitions have prelims and finals. That means the show might have to be performed twice in one day. Last year Aria made it to finals at every regional they attended and placed third in Michigan, which gives lot’s to look forward to in the upcoming season.