Stranger Things: Season 2

The Netflix-original series, Stranger Things, is back and creepier than ever. Season two of the spine-chilling show was ready for viewing on Friday, October 27th.

Four middle-schoolers are left scarred after one of them, Will Byers, mysteriously gets “lost in the woods” one night after riding his bike back home. Throughout the first season, Will’s mom, Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, his friends, and the whole town of Hawkins are on the search to find the missing boy. While Will was lost, the three boys made a new friend named Eleven. Eleven, portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, was kidnapped and raised in the Hawkins Laboratory for her power to move objects with her mind. As the season progressed, the boys learned more about Eleven and the Hawkins Lab. Not only did they learn about her, but they understood why she acts the way she does. In the last episode of season one, Eleven disappeared in what seemed to be the same force that took will to escape the scientists and experimenters from the lab. Out of the three boys, Mike is affected the most by Eleven’s disappearance. The boys begin to call the force the Upside Down, which they believe to be another dimension. The first season ends with Will returning back to Hawkins, but left fans with some questions after he coughs up what seems to be a piece of the Upside Down.

Season two begins with a new girl coming into town. The boys find out about her after she earns the new high score for their favorite game at the arcade, Dig Dug. Her name is Maxine, but the gang knows her as Madmax. Lucas and Dustin seem to be in love with the new girl; however, Mike isn’t ready to have another girl in their group since Eleven is gone. Will is also back and still trying to adjust to his surroundings after the traumatizing experience he faced last season. He has not completely recovered, and he still has episodes that haunt him with memories from the Upside Down, except this time there’s an actual monster. For each episode he has, he visits the Hawkins Lab so they can find the reason behind why he’s experiencing these scary scenes, but Will’s mom is very suspicious of the doctors working with her son.

After everything that happened in this small town, no one thinks it may ever return to the way it used to be.