Pet Selfie Contest


The Lake Shore Yearbook team closed in the month by announcing the winner of the October pet selfie contest, held from October 1st through October 19th.

The contest drew in students of all grades, with few requirements of entry. A picture showcasing the students face and pet. Submissions were open until Oct. 19th, with the winner being announced shortly thereafter. Photos were uploaded through the “ReplayIt” app by Jostens. A mobile app that allows for photo sharing within the school, with the added ease of allowing the yearbook staff – as well as students – direct access to the photos at any point during the year. Submissions ranged from the endearing to the wacky, with Shorians from all corners taking part. From Spanish teacher Leblanc, to the always surprising Sophomores, to the latest class of Seniors.

Alexis Vaughn, senior, secured the number one spot with an Edvard Munch-esque selfie of her and dog Piglet, taking home a gift they both can enjoy. Vaughn first caught sight of the Rat Terrier four years ago while at the Coney Island, “I was at the Coney Island in macomb mall and went to look at the dogs in the pet store across the way.” She felt they clicked instantly, adding that, “I saw the cutest dog ever and just wanted her so bad.” And while it may have been Piglets endearing appearance that first caught hold of Vaughn’s eye, it’s been her charismatic personality that’s made it worthwhile. “My dog is really clumsy. Almost everything she does just makes you laugh.”

Missed the chance to participate? While this ghoulish competition may be over, the remainder of the year holds much in store. If you missed your chance to participate in this past competition, be sure to rock the next by staying updated on all things Lake Shore. Follow the school’s social media accounts, @LSHSShorian for all things Lake Shore, and @LakeShoreYrbk for all things yearbook. And remember, continue to share all your favorite Lake Shore moments through the Replayit app, for chance to be featured in the 2017-2018 yearbook.