GIS Club Studies A National Battlefield Park


One of Lake Shore’s innovative clubs is back in action this year. The GIS, or Geographical Information Systems, club is a group based around computer aided map sciences. GIS is all about using topographical data in combination with computers to create meaningful maps with a range of purposes. GIS can be used for anything from observing traffic trends or patterns in weather. James Feldman, advisor, says, “It’s technology oriented in a way, it’s a little social studies, science, and computers.” The club meets every other Wednesday, on days that aren’t early release in Mr. Faught’s room. Anyone looking to join can show up to one of the meetings.

Along with semi-weekly club activities, the group has three field trips planned. The first took place on November 2nd to River Raisin Battlefield. This history rich site was home to a battle faught during the war of 1812. The goal was to use topographical data of the land and learn from its traits and patterns, and derive meaningful observation from this. This adds to a theme of hands on, kinesthetic activities this club offers. The second one, on November 15th, is a trip to GIS Day at U of M Dearborn. A student member of the club, Drew Frohriep, says he’s looking forward to it, “They have a great program for geographical sciences.” This event includes seminars and events all dealing with the GIS field. Lastly, another field trip is planned for sometime in the spring to U of M Ann Arbor.

The field itself has good job outlook, as a science and technology career. The GIS club features an opportunity for a paid internship over the summer. The internship deals with career related GIS work and provides invaluable experience in the field. It’s a well paid internship, but the practice in the actual career is what makes it so interesting. Frohriep says “It’s something I’ve been excited to apply for.”