Fundraising For a Cause

Times have changed, and it’s easy to forget that a sum amount of people within our own communities continue to struggle with poverty. Shorians Jillian Jankowski junior, and Katelyn Csernyant, senior, are giving the gift of giving back with their homeless fundraiser in a truly honorable pursuit to help the communities disadvantaged.

The fundraiser, which aims to raise toiletries through student donations, brings awareness and help to an often neglected community. To ensure student participation, the duo made sure to make the donation process as simple as possible. To donate, students simply drop their item into one of many donation boxes found throughout Lake Shore Schools, ”We placed a donation box in each of Lake Shore’s schools so that people can drop off their donations quickly and easily.”

The duo first conceived the idea in their web design class, taught by technology teacher, Tasha Candela. Students are given a theme to build their site upon from which they can expand on, the theme given was ‘Superheroes’. Expanding on that, Csernyant and Jankowski wanted to be heroes of a different kind. Namely, within their own community, “We decided to start this fundraiser to help raise awareness for homelessness in our community.” Adding that, “We create a website based on using powers to do good.

Shorians have gone above and beyond with their donations, with the duo’s original goal of raising 30 toiletries being surpassed just days into fundraiser, “We have exceeded our goal already by having over 40 items in the first couple days of the fundraiser going on.” Donations will remain open until October 31st, with all funds going directly to the Mcwarm and Mcrest program, held by St. Margarets church. Working to shelter the needy from the moody weather of fall – even if just for the holidays. Csernyant and Jankowski are enamoured with the program, saying that, “ All goods collected will be donated to these programs! The homeless are able to stay at the church for a couple days during Thanksgiving and Christmas.”