Dangers of Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most commonly used social media platforms among teens and young children, but can it become dangerous without even being aware?

Snapchat was introduced in 2011 by the founders Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy. According to Apple, Snapchat has became world’s most popular downloaded app with currently now over 100 billion downloads and 7 billion views daily.

According to Http://qz.com, A year after Snapchats released, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once tried to buy it for 1 Billion dollars in 2013. Now in 2017 Snapchat makes changes everyday including adding new features.

In June of 2017, a new feature called “snap map” was introduced. This update lets others see your exact location. However, many safety issues may come with this. On your Snapchat settings (without change) any one who adds you can see your exact location including street.

Ashleigh Deveroux’Tucker, Sophomore, states “I don’t have mine on because I feel like it’s freaky, only certain people I let have my location on Imessage, but on snapchat it’s pretty scary”. Tayshaun Jemison, Freshman, remarks “It’s dangerous because people can get killed” Jemison exclaims that the fact of a stranger knowing your every move is dangerous. Many users may agree with Jemison and Deveroux’Tucker.

“The safety of our community is very important to us and we want to make sure that all Snapchatters, parents and educators have accurate information about how the Snap Map works,” explained a Snapchat spokeswoman. Most Snapchat users may not know that there is a way to turn off your location completely or go into “ghost mode” where you can see others location but they are not able to see yours. You can also customize who can see your location.

Another interesting new feature is the Snap group story. The group story was introduced May 23, 2017. With the group story, one person can create it for a certain location and anyone who is near or in that location can also join, post, and see anyone else who has added to this snap story. In fact, Lake Shore High School does have a group story that many post on daily. Senior, Leslie states, “I think it’s safe almost anything really carry risk I don’t post on it though”.

In the future, Snapchat is going to bring a lot of more changes that may have risk but there is ways to turn things off if you do chose to update the app.