Halloween Costume Contest


All around the world people are still celebrating Halloween in all different ways, and this year Lake Shore is rounding up all the ghosts and goblins for their very first Halloween Costume Contest.

It was quite an interesting sight to see this Halloween at Lake Shore. Students from every grade got out their tights, wigs, and creative skills to pull together outrageous costumes to win first place in the contest. Students dressed up as a multitude of characters, ranging from Disney Princesses to animals to spine-chilling Halloween creatures. It was very easy to join the contest, as participants visited Mr. Couck’s class during homeroom to get their picture taken. After that, students went back to their class and awaited the final results that would be announced on Thursday. The top five winners were collected that day and narrowed down to three on Wednesday, who will each take home a gift card for their efforts. On Thursday the winners were announced in homeroom, and the students were not surprised. In first place was Gabriel Tarabelli, winning the competition by dressing as Prince, the late singer/songwriter. Tarabelli won a gift card to National Coney Island, a restaurant he enjoys going to.

Gabriel Tarabelli stated, “I dressed up as Prince because I thought it was a good thing to dress up as. My mom’s boyfriend bought the costume for me.” Tarabelli seemed pleased that he won.

Kiya Baker took second place, dressed in a handmade gumball machine costume. Last but certainly not least, came Samantha Talanges and her take on the character Russell from the Disney Pixar movie, Up.

Each winner put thought and effort into their costume and got very creative so keep that in mind when preparing for next year’s contest.