Dr. Lip’s Departure

Lake Shore’s beloved counselor, Dr. Jeff Lip, is leaving Lake Shore to move to The International Academy of Macomb on November 3rd. Dr. Lip has been a guidance counselor here for 10 years, helping students with anything from day to day issues to college planning.

The IAM reached out to Dr. Lip because the previous counselor was offered a position to move to Wayne State University. This opened up a great opportunity for Dr. Lip to broaden his horizons.

Perhaps a little reluctant to leave his home of 10 years, Dr. Lip said, “It’s an opportunity for me to grow.” IAM, a smaller school, offers an international baccalaureate curriculum that challenges some of the best and brightest around Macomb County. Despite being an advanced school, he doesn’t expect there to be any more or less conflict that he will have to deal with. He explains, “Drama and anxiety exist everywhere.” Instead, his focus will be more on the future of his new caseload. Dr. Lip said, “My goal is to help them achieve what they want to after high school.”

One of the biggest changes that Dr. Lip will face at his new job will be, “new relationships and working with different people.” While he has worked at Lake Shore, he has grown to understand and evolve to each and every student by getting to know them and offering them skilled advice and guidance. He has learned more and more throughout the years about how to be a better counselor and how to help students achieve their goals. Dr. Lip stated, “ I want to move out of my comfort zone and be able to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” Dr. Lip wanted to try something new to expand his field of expertise.

Even though Dr. Lip’s days are now done at Lake Shore, he will always be remembered for how caring he was toward every person in the school. Dr. Lip has dedicated his time to every student that came to visit him, even if the meeting wasn’t scheduled. He has even inspired staff members.  Garth Frost, P.A.S.S teacher, had this to say: “Although he is younger than me, I hope to be like him when I grow up.” A sentiment that can be echoed by everyone here at Lake Shore High School.