Divergent’s New Television Series

If another Divergent series movie isn’t in the works, would you be satisfied with an Ascendent TV show?

Yes. You’ve read that right! Divergent is coming out with a new TV show that is premiering on Starz. The Divergent films, based on Veronica Roth’s bestselling books, are set in a society where people are broken up into social and personality related factions. Many fans have been waiting for another movie after the release of Allegiant, but the TV writers and producers have failed to accomplish that, so instead, they are going to continue the movie into a TV show.  There are going to be a lot of surprising upcoming changes.

First, there will no longer be the same producers. The show will be written and produced by Adam Cozad and Lee Toland Krieger. Even though the show does not have an exact release date, producers have given little description of the upcoming TV show, saying that it is a continuation of the last Divergent Movie series. However, previous cast and fans may not be feeling Ascendent.

A major change that is coming to Ascendent is the cast. Many are fans of the relationship between Shailene Woodley (Beatrice Prior) and Theo James (Tobias Eaton), but surprisingly, Shailene Woodley will not be re-joining the cast. Woodley states, “I want to do justice to everybody who believes in the character of Tris as much as I believe in the character of Tris, as much as I believe in the stories that Veronica Roth offered us. I didn’t just do Divergent for the hell of it; I did Divergent because I think it parallels our modern-day society in its own escapist, dystopian-esque way” (MTV.com.) Woodley explained that she joined the Divergent crew to explain the way that society is. Her presense of the show had a meaning, and now with the new upcoming TV show Ascendent it throws off Woodley’s purpose for beginning her journey with Divergent in the first place. The question most fans have are will the studio recast Tris, or kill her off before the events in Ascendant begin?

Lake Shore students and their thoughts on the new TV series without the original cast.

Senior, Alison Rafferty  “ I think that it’s dumb because the cast can not be replaced and also the movies after the first one has been bad anyway, so they should have just ended it after the first one.

Sophomore, Isabella Papadhima “ I don’t like that change because i feel like the characters were perfectly portrayed in the previous movies.”

Sophomore, Ashleigh deveroux’tucker  “I feel like the new cast is going to make the tv show way worst. I think that the actress in the movies portrayed it really well and fans are already familiar with the old cast, and I don’t like change.”