Vaping in School

With the new rise in electronic cigarettes at Lake Shore, the students are finding new ways around administration. Vaping is no longer an uncommon sight in Lake Shore, with kids finding ways to use in the hallways, lunchroom, and classrooms.

Vapes are becoming increasingly easier to access if you’re underage. When asked, most students said they got their own through the internet, or off an older friend who can legally buy them. Vaping is an easier alternative to drinking or harder drug use due to it’s accessibility and ability to conceal. The more common ones with juice can sell for anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00, making them easily within the price range of Lake Shore’s students. “A lot of the time if you have an older friend they can go into smoke shops for you.” Learning about and purchasing vapes is ridiculously simple; kids can not only ask their older siblings and friends, but anyone with a credit card can buy them online.

A recent graduate explained, “It’s crazy, they don’t even check your card online. They just assume if you’re old enough to have a credit card you’re old enough to buy it.” There’s so little regulation on who can buy them, that anyone who wants one can get one within a week. “I got $45.00 I got a vape, it’s so easy.”

After getting a vape, students can use them in school with little to no consequence. Students are using them in the hallways, the bathrooms, the lunchroom, and in the classrooms. While the administration has started to crack down on use in school, students seem find a way around the consequences.

When asked, an overwhelming amount of students said they weren’t worried about being caught by teachers or hall monitors. These ideas are not without reason though, most students often don’t get caught when they vape. In the rare cases when they are caught, the results are confiscation. When caught, the usual punishment is a short-term suspension. This problem is a failure on both sides of the issue. Between the offending students carelessness, and the administrations reaction, students no longer care about the repercussions of these actions.

This issue won’t get resolved if those in charge don’t start to truly work on it. While the administration is trying to crack down on the increasing number of students vaping, the problem is too large and too deep rooted to be easily solved. While the administration is doing their best to stop the problem before it continues, they still have more work to do.