Soccer Season

The varsity soccer team has just ended by a loss to Lakeview, but the Shorians have had an outstanding season. The Shorians’ record was 9 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses in the exhibition season.  In the playoffs, the Shorians lost to the Huskies, preventing the team from continuing forward in the playoffs.

Each player on the soccer team have shown their skills in the games they played, and have proven that they can compete with schools that are in higher divisions than the Shorians. When the Shorians faced off against Lakeview, Lakeview was 2 divisions higher than Lake Shore. Despite their opponents having more experience, the Shorians held their own the best they could. In the end, the Shorians were defeated by the inevitably more cohesive team, but it proved that the Shorians can stand their own.

As the season ended, there were opinions about how the team played. One of the midfield players Joe Lach, senior, said, “We played a good season, we had days where we could’ve played better, but overall we played pretty good.” During the season, the players came together to combine their skills and abilities on the field, and to play a great game. As the season went on, the players have grown to play the sport naturally together as a team.