Key Club’s Gleaners Field Trip

Last week the Key Club took a trip to Gleaner’s Food Bank. In this trip, students found new ways to turn everyday foods into a very delicious treat. During this time, they packed recipes and tips on healthy foods you can turn into amazing goodies. The students were taken on a tour around the building and given a little background on how Gleaners Food Bank started.

A senior who may know for her welcoming and uplifting spirit shared some background on Key Club. Allison Rafferty shared the meaning and reason of Key Club and many cool facts you may want to know. Rafferty simply explains the meaning behind Key Club by saying, “Key Club is a community service-based club in which we work a lot with the school and community.” Just by the meaning behind Key Club, many have found it very easy and educational to be a part of the organization.

Rafferty further by stating “I helped out in 10 [grade] but didn’t join until 11 [grade].” Sources say Rafferty feels it was important to know that you don’t have to be a member to join Key Club. Rafferty also tells many that “Key Club has no limit and anyone and everyone is welcome.” Rafferty explains “ I am the Vice President of Key Club, and at the end of last school year, we held elections for all of the positions, and I signed up to be V.P.”