The Gay-Straight Alliance Club is back in action at Lake Shore High School. The club is managed by Officer Mascarello and is simply run as a safe place for any students; LGBT or straight.

Last year, members would meet after school to watch movies or to talk about any new topics. The group also handed out ribbons at lunch as a sign of equality and support. This year’s members are already eager to get involved more with the school and community. Abi Berry, a sophomore who attends the club’s meetings, states, “We want to make the school aware.” The GSA is also currently preparing to hold a garage sale fundraiser in hopes to raise some money so the group can participate in more pride activities.

Officer Mascarello made it clear that anyone is welcome to join the friendly club.

Mascarello explains,” Anybody that is LGBT or a supporter of, they don’t have to be.

That’s why it’s called the Gay-Straight Alliance… We would like straight people, bi, anybody who supports us.” Anyone is welcome to join since the club since the members usually like to hang out and discuss trending topics in the world.

As the year goes on, the GSA Club expects more people to join. It is held every Tuesday in room 122 to anyone who is open to talking about diversity and equality.