Get to Know Bow Tie Guy

Bible on hand, words never bland, and bow-tie tucked in fronthand. Substitute Mr. Wilder, never fails to arouse curiosity in just about anyone he encounters, but just how much do you know of the man?

James Wilder, first began subbing in the early 2000s, travelling from establishment to establishment. From Grosse Pointe to The Shores, the man has amassed a lofty portfolio. And even so, he maintains that Lake Shore – his current flame – is among his top favorites, “I hold this school in a very high esteem,” says Wilder.

Teaching is but a fragment of the man. In his personal time, Wilder brings life to thought through writing, stating, “I value words and their meanings tremendously.” And whilst he remains humble, Wilder has three published books to his name James, or as he goes in writing, James Bixby.

The books, titled: “Old Dingledorf Square and other Christmas tales”, “Mystery Of The Christmas Doll House”, and “Ungovernable” respectively. Tell tales of morality through the words and eyes of a poet, “Old Dingledorf teaches the futility of being too materialistic”, says Wilder.

Illustrations for “Old Dingledorf Square” were provided by son-in-law, Chuck Salty. An oncologist, or cancer doctor, who enjoys illustrating in his leisure. The book, whilst laced in poetry, carries an imperative message on morality.

If not writing it, you’re sure to find him analyzing it, “I admire metrically correct poetry because it’s simply so difficult to write, what Dr. Seuss did was incredibly special. ”, says Wilder. Citing Seuss and Frost to be among his favorites, “I love Dr. Seuss and Robert Frost, I admire Seuss’s metrically correct poetry,” says Wilder.

The books, available for individual sale on Amazon and other digital distributors, allow for a glimpse through the looking glass of Wilder, and make an ideal gift for the holidays. True to his love of prose, Wilder has certainly lived in the truest definition of the word, la dolce vita.