Turtles All the Way Down

It’s been five years since popular teen author John Green has released a novel, leaving expectations for his October 10 release at an immense high.

Turtles All the Way Down features Green’s usual awkward and quirky protagonist (Aza), and her equally quirky best friend (Daisy), as they try to solve the mystery of fugitive billionaire, Russell Pickett. Along the way Aza finds herself falling for Pickett’s son, Davis, as she continues to fight an inner battle with her omnipresent anxiety.

Although the book can be easily recognized as Green’s work through its eccentric characters, one striking comparative to that of his other works is that Turtles All the Way Down is told from a girl’s perspective. Out of his seven works, only his two most recent publications encompass a female lead, The Fault in Our Stars, and now, Turtles All the Way Down.

Green, who openly speaks about his own struggles with anxiety and OCD, wanted to tell a story about a character of a similar mindset, to illustrate how exactly a person who suffers those mental illnesses deals with daily life. Published on World Mental Health Day, Aza’s narrative fails to disappoint, as she vibrantly exhibits her thought processes throughout the novel. Alisa Nicosia, Senior, comments, “I think it will live up to its expectations because he is an amazing author and had said this novel is personal to him.”

The teen population is rampant in John Green fans, and Lake Shore is no exception. Jessica Damer, Senior, exclaims, “I have heard about [the book] and I’ve been super excited for it since he announced it a few months ago!” Nicosia agrees stating, “I was lucky enough to get a signed copy! I’m most looking forward to see what new John Green quotes arise from this book.”

It’s safe to say that the majority of Lake Shore’s population, and the teen population in general, is greedily awaiting the day that they get the chance to read Green’s latest work. Turtles All the Way Down can be purchased at nearly any store that sells books, but for those hardcore fans (I may or may not be one myself) looking for one of the 200,000 signed copies released in the U.S. and Canada, Target is the place for you.