Girls Who Code

From computers to coding, Lake Shore’s new Girls Who Code club is teaching our youth all about technology. The club is centered around attracting more girls to get involved with things like programming and computer science. Lots of hands on activities and active projects are the focus of this organization. Despite the franchised name, the club is all inclusive and anyone can join.

The club is something new here at Lake Shore; we’ve had some technology based groups, such as robotics, but this one is primarily aimed at the studying and applications of computer science. Its meant to help introduce girls to technology and STEM fields. Megan Blaesing, Senior and student advisor, says, “There wasn’t anything like it yet.” The club holds meetings every other Monday; the first one took place on September 25th. The club is still recruiting potential members. The club meetings have since been orienting its members with some basic computer science. Another key aspect of software development is teamwork. Blaesing says, “We’ve started brainstorming for a collaborative group project.”

Among our computer classes at Lake Shore, so far the only programming languages taught are HTML and CSS, both used for creating web pages. Unfortunately, these languages aren’t general purpose. The Girls Who Code club teaches languages such as JavaScript, or even MIT’s educational Scratch, a fully functional programming language in and of itself. These languages are deeper, more interesting, and most of all more useful. These tools can be used to create desktop applications, scientific calculators, or even games. Skills in these general purpose languages are essential in most careers of computer science, and can be useful in a number of other sciences.

Whether you’re interested in a computer oriented career or take on coding as a hobby, this club is for you. Programming can be for anyone; as Blaesing said, “You might as well try it.”