Student Lot

Renovations have improved a great deal at Lake Shore, even so, issues remain outside the building. In the student lot, an ongoing feud among student drivers prevails.

People have busy lives, students especially. On top of coursework, many have jobs, and personal matters to manage. It isn’t shocking many want to make an early exit, who wouldn’t? This driving ambition is the very root of vehicle issues in the parking lot. Students become irresponsible in their driving as their focus shifts from etiquette to escaping. As described by Cherrel Hardon, senior, “Students act crazy when exiting the lot, reckless driving”. Adding that, “They’ll hit you if you don’t watch out, students don’t care about the pedestrians”. Inexcusably so, as no matter the difference in transit, an individual’s driving should not endanger anyone – themselves included.

When the chase isn’t for an early exit, it’s for a parking spot. “It sucks, too much traffic I have to park in the back!”, says Madisyn Wilson, senior. Even then, parking spots are not guaranteed, with new rules now mandating all vehicles have parking passes.Tyler Tisdall, senior, feels strongly of the subject stating, “Parking passes are a cash grab by the school to get more from the students”.  Further adding, “Parking passes should be a given for students, parking passes should be required for non-students”. Consequently, students parking in the visitor lot have increased, once more relating to the space issue that has been ever present.

Students are still driving recklessly; students will continue to drive recklessly until held accountable for their actions. And while not all fit this generalization, those that do are by no means a minority, with collisions happening almost monthly. A lack of cameras in the student lot facilitates this, given the perpetrators cannot be identified, they cannot be held accountable. The prospects of expanding the lot or introducing cameras remain bleak. Asking students to drive safer is ineffective, having been addressed at the student meeting by Assistant Principal Todd Stevens – change has yet to come. Keep an eye out when walking, and be conscious when driving.