Spirit Week


In the week leading up to Homecoming these sharp students showed their shorian spirit. Lake Shore’s finest were decked out in spirit wear to pump up their fellow classmates. These stylish Shorians put on their best and brightest neons, and their favorite seasonal shirts this year in preparation for the long awaited Homecoming game.

Homecoming week, which started last Sunday with the powderpuff game, had Lake Shore’s halls electrified with school spirit. Students dressed to the nines all week showing their school spirit with their whimsical, and oftentimes eccentric outfits. Kicking off the week with seasons day, Juniors peeled off extra layers for summer, while at the same time Sophomores dusted off their warmest jackets for Winter. The day was made by the Senior class with their autumn themed hallway which had kids of all grades taking a different route to their classes, practically feeling the crisp Fall air as they walked past. Tuesday came next, bringing with it the army of students dressed from head to toe in 80’s wear. Their spirit came loud and clear with neon colors, fluorescent scrunchies, and a lunch room dance mob. Wednesday’s “dress like an artist day” was a hit when classmates showed up dressed like their favorite musicians. Shorians had high hopes for the upcoming game with junior Mercedes Vannoy saying, “Hope the win the game this year! Good luck guys!” On the last day before the Homecoming game, students showed pride for their own classes dressing in hues ranging from the Freshman’s blinding lime green, to the Senior’s vibrant purple. The Sophomore class stole the show on Thursday, overloading the halls with an energetic sea of teal in an impressive display of spirit.

The next day, our school was transformed with every class wearing their best Lake Shore spirit wear. The Shorian Nation flooded the halls wearing every shade of red imaginable. The excitement of the week built up to a monumental show of school pride, with students of all ages dressed head to toe in red shirts, bandanas, and uniforms. These first-rate Shorians shouted their voices raw at the pep assembly, and later at the homecoming game urging our football players to steal the lead from the rival team. This years Homecoming week had Lake Shore’s students showing their school pride with their heaviest coats, eye catching neon, and blazing red showing just how spirited the Shorian Nation can be.