Shorian Homecoming

This past Saturday, Lake Shore students and their friends suited up and put on their dancing shoes for Lake Shore’s annual Homecoming Dance.

Attendees were greeted with many new features. Everyone was welcome to grab a red souvenir bracelet with #ShorianPride printed on it. The gym was decorated this year with red lights, a lit Shorian Nation sign, and a Lake Shore high school logo emblazoned on the north wall. The lights were brought to you by the mechanical engineering and building renovations classes. While many of the bracelets were left destroyed on the floor, the lights were a big hit.

Abigail Reynolds says, “I loved that the main gym lights were turned off, and the colorful lights were fun. If the lights weren’t there, the dance wouldn’t have been as exciting.” It seems that the new lights gave the dance an element of exhilaration. Although Lake Shore added a few crowd favorites, a very popular attraction was taken away.

Sophia LaPinta, sophomore, said, “Someone said that we didn’t have a photo booth because we needed the lights in the gym , if we had the lights in the gym then no photo booth , but if there was a photo booth the lights would be half on , like at Snowcoming.” This year it was one or the other, and many people complained about the lights being on at snowcoming last year, so the photo booth was dismissed. LaPinta goes further to explain her disappointment about the photo booth, “I understand that we needed (the new, decorative) lights in the gym so that way we didn’t need to have half the lights on in the gym , but no one wants to hold their phone in the middle of the dance to take pictures, photo booths are ways to remember things , homecoming is a night to remember things and they kind of took that part away , plus if you weren’t really feeling like dancing there was nothing else to do.” Even though LaPinta was saddened there wasn’t a photo booth, the decorative red lights that kept the ceiling lights off made the dance better, in her opinion. She says , “I’d rather have no photo booth because it was too bright and people felt awkward and wouldn’t dance which would make it less enjoyable.” Many others wished there was a photo booth, too, but not at the expense of the lights.

Elizabeth Gatto said, “The photo booth would’ve been cool so it gave everyone something to do instead of just standing out in the commons. It would have been nice to have another memory of senior homecoming and experience the pictures with my friends.”

Student Congress did a wonderful job coming up with new ideas for this year’s homecoming. Most people would tell you the new illumination in the gym was a great aspect that should definitely be repeated in future dances. Perhaps the school can manage both the lighting and photo booth in upcoming years, but for now the the party-goers will have to dance in the dark.

For most freshmen, this was an entirely new experience. Numerous first timers had a great homecoming, many were impressed and found that adding music to their group made for an incredible time. Others had a different opinion, but for the most part, the freshmen enjoyed the dance.

Meghan Hermes was excited to speak about her first high school dance, “I don’t really know how to dance which really affected my night but it was a great experience to hang out with my friends. I would rate it a seven and a half out of ten. I only say seven and a half out of ten because I was expecting some more decorations, like balloons or a Homecoming poster, not just a mat on the ground and a DJ.” Although it did not exceed all of her expectations, when asked if she would go again next year, she replied, “Definitely!” talking to the freshmen made it clear: they were expecting glamorous decorations, like ones you’d see in a movie featuring a high school dance.

Kirsten Corcoran said, “I was expecting more, I guess. Like decorations.”

Another student, Brianna Griessel explained, “Balloons, streamers, maybe fairy lights hanging up around the gym, this isn’t about decorations but there should’ve been a photo booth this year.” Maybe next year, decorators could take these suggests into account. Even with all the talk about homecoming, some freshmen opted out, and stayed home.

Emma Nank commented, “I stayed home and watched movies with my friend all day. I hung out with her on the day of her homecoming, so she did the same for me. I wasn’t interested in going to the dance.” Given the choice, she would still do the same thing, she doesn’t regret not attending. The freshmen class was all over the place, some were standing on the outskirts, not involving themselves in the big dance circle in the middle, while others gave caution to the wind and got their boogie on.

Outsiders also had their opinions on the dance. For Lake Shore students who wanted to bring a guest, they first had to fill out a form and get approved by the school. For some, the process brought on stress. For most, it was simple and took little time to get everything in order.

According to Brooklyn Blevins, “Lake Shore does a really good job of having a process that is sensible but not too strict, because in my case, Claire’s guest form didn’t get faxed properly to Lake Shore, so they allowed her school to refax it after the form was due. They were really nice about the whole thing which kind of made it less stressful for me.”

The staff in charge of organizing these forms understand how it can be difficult to round up all the necessary signatures and gives the students help so they can bring their friends to the dance. Multiple people, however, thought the process to be hard because administrators who needed to sign their forms were not timely and staff they encountered while dealing with the forms were rude. Nevertheless, guests believe the dance is worth it.

Ava White, a Lakeview student, described her experience, “I really enjoyed Lake Shore’s homecoming, I had a blast and everyone was so welcoming. I never got any of those feelings at Lakeview’s homecoming. Go Lake Shore!”

It seems as though most visitors enjoyed their time at Lake Shore High School, according to another Lakeview student, Luke Hyde, his choice words to summarize the dance are, “Awesome, amazing, incredible!” His favorite part of homecoming was, “Being able to dance with my amazing girlfriend.” and talking about the frustrating process to get accepted, he says, “I would do it a million times again because it was totally worth it.” Lake Shore proves to be a excellent host to outside students.

For the seasoned upperclassmen, Saturday, October 7th was a bittersweet day. Celebrating their last few high school dances, the juniors and seniors of Lake Shore High School were happy to share their advice and some insight on their history of homecoming dances.

Diana Cantin, a senior this year, expressed her view on homecoming, “My homecoming this year was absolutely the best, this year I made so many friends and everywhere I went I was greeted by people who were dressed so beautifully.” Cantin continued to give her opinion on the sounds of the night, “The music is never great when we get to request songs though, I feel we should just leave that to the DJ.” When asked if this was her favorite homecoming, Cantin admitted it was.

Julia Munger, a junior, was asked if she had any advice for people attending next year to make it more enjoyable and she responded, “One word. Dance! If we get more people dancing than just standing around, I feel like people would enjoy it a little more. Also, I feel like if we had a little more space for more activities, like a photo booth, maybe kids would enjoy it a little more.” Munger could be spotted dancing the night away, and others should follow her.

Robbie Davis, a senior this year, reflected on his good times at homecoming and drew a conclusion. Davis said, “I would say this year’s homecoming was my favorite. The reason being I just went with all of my friends and just had a good time and there was no stress about anything, I just had fun.” It seems that students have the best time when they forget about embarrassing themselves while dancing and leave the drama at home. Who needs stress when they’re getting their groove on? Being a senior may bring on certain expectations, they want their last homecoming to be spectacular. For Davis, “This year’s homecoming did (meet my expectations), it was set up amazingly and I like it better in the new gym, there was more room and it was cooler. It was a good way to end senior year homecoming. The people who set it up did a great job putting it together.” The seniors seem content with the homecoming dance and happy that their last homecoming was a success. The seniors, having experienced multiple homecomings have a lot of advice to get the most out of the dance, but it all boils down to one popular opinion. “The thing i will miss most is just taking pictures and making the memories with my friends,” Davis said, “So I’m telling everyone reading, hold onto it and cherish it.”