Riverdale S2

Season one of the Riverdale series ended with a spine-chiller. Fans are dying to know if Jughead will start to side with the Southside Serpents. What will happen to Fred Andrews? How are the Blossom’s going to recover from the big secret? The audience was left with an extensive amount of unanswered questions.

At the start of this show, Lili Reinhart’s character, Betty Cooper was madly in love with KJ Apa’s character, Archie Andrews. However, Betty realized that the feeling wasn’t mutual between the two and that’s when Jughead Jones, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, started to become her center of attention. Towards the middle of season one, the audience began to see more “Bughead” action. As the show progressed, the two eventually became the “it” couple of the CW show series. The couple ended the last episode with a bang that left fans thirsty for more.

Catherine Stacheit, sophomore, explained, “I want to see more Betty and Jughead because they have a connection that is different than other couples and they keep things interesting. Betty and Jughead are good for each other because they think a lot alike too.” Although they are the most favorable couple of Riverdale, it is rumored that their relationship will be put to the test, especially since Jughead will be attending school in the Southside and ended the show by accepting his Southside Serpents jacket, a gift from his father’s gang. With the distance and everything going on with Jughead’s father, the dynamic duo is expected to face the ultimate test.

One of the biggest cliff-hangers was Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, played by Luke Perry, getting shot in a robbery in Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. It left fans questioning if he was going to make it through the brutal shooting. The situation also made the audience wonder if Archie would be able to mentally make it through due to what his dad and him were already facing financially.

Riverdale watcher, Sophia LaPinta believes, “I think he will live, but will take years to recover or have a disability.” Although season one left audiences confused, LaPinta also claims, “It makes me more excited for season two.”

Season two will hopefully resolve the cliff-hangers that were left unsettled at the end of season one. Fans are optimistic about the Andrews situation and are dying to know what happens with Betty and Jughead. Viewers can’t wait for this drama-filled series to return back on television on October 11th on The CW.